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Before there was Trina there was Hera.

Known formally as the Queen of Olympus. At the office she’s in charge of planning weddings and baby showers but don’t let her day job fool you, this bitch’ll murk you. Just ask Hercules. Wanting to get revenge on her hubby Zeus for cheating on her…AGAIN, she decides to take out her fury on his favorite son good ol Herc. How?

Hera spiked Hercules’ grape drink and made him murder his entire family. That’s how. You should’a seen his face afterwards. He was maaaaaaad. If that wasn’t bad enough, she then ratted him out to Daddy and Herc was forced to complete 12 impossible labors. Talk about a one, two combination. Don’t fuck with this bitch, she’ll make you kill your mom and give you 12 years of community service with one snap of the neck.